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I have worked in real estate for a number of years. Starting out my career in college as a community assistant for a company called American Campus Communities. I was responsible for marketing the complex, managing and assisting prospective tenants with their leases and making sure our tenants remained happy.

After graduation I moved to Atlanta, GA and worked in the technology industry for a brief time. Purchasing my first condo and renovating it by the time I was 24 years old in the worst recession since the Great Depression. During these years I always maintained a healthy appetite for real estate and longed for a career I enjoyed. If you have ever met me you know my personality does not do well behind a computer screen.

From here, 3 years in to working in technology, I had the opportunity to move across country and start a new me! I took the opportunity and a city I knew no one in and ran with it. May of 2012 I arrived in Denver, CO with no idea what to do! After driving my spouse crazy for a few months trying to figure my life out it finally came to me... I LOVED what I did in College! In August of 2012 I signed up for a real estate course. I passed my licensing exam on September 2012 and immediately signed up for a class teaching me how to sell "Luxury Real Estate". I thought to myself - one day I will sell these homes. Having actually no idea what that meant. I just knew I was going to do it. I also said to myself " I am going to run my own brokerage"... literally not even knowing how to get my first buyer.

Goal Achieved:


5 years ago, as I signed up for a class from the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing,  I set out on a journey to achieve a top designation in Luxury Real Estate. [You can see my original blog post here as I became a member a few days before posting this January 2013].

To achieve this, it is not just to sell high-end homes. You have to consistently display sells in the top 10% of your market. This will get you the designation of a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. Well thats pretty hard to do when you do not know anyone. If that is not tough enough, I did not just want a designation that no one knows about but other real estate agents (seriously though!). Achieving the CLHMS designation is great, but frankly thats just selling in the top 10% of the market for Denver County.  Currently (August 2017) that price point is $700k and above. I wanted the "CLHMS ~ Million Dollar Guild".

This designation took some time - almost 5 years to be exact - A lot of hard work, marketing, socializing and getting to know the right groups that could launch my career in to top echelon of Denver's real estate market. I could not just sell one million dollar home. I had to achieve 3 multi-million dollar listings in under 24 months and close the deal.

Maybe it means nothing to buyers and sellers. Maybe they have not heard of this designation. Although, maybe it means everything? Today, my goal is achieved. Today I was awarded not only the CLHMS designation but I also acquired my coveted Million Dollar Guild! Not only did I achieve this goal, four months ago I started my own brokerage and now am working with five of the most talented agents in the industry. I achieved my goal under my own brokerage.

Cheers to setting higher goals and even higher expectations!