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Understanding the Luxury market

Did you know Luxury real estate is defined in a real estate market as purchasing a home in the top 10% of price points for the community? For Denver, Colorado Real Estate that number is constantly changing but for 2018 the top 10% of our market is considered at a price of $700k and above. Luxury markets truly are not defined by amenities provided, space, or even finishes. 


This definition is counter intuitive to a prospective buyer coming in to purchase a home as most buyers looking to purchase "luxury" homes are interested in everything that a "realtors" usual definition does not entail. Dream Denver Real Estate is here to help correct this definition. Our belief is that price has little to do with true luxury. 


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Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist


It started out as a dream. I sold it. Now the Managing Broker & Owner of Dream Denver. All of our agents can represent you in a real estate transaction and they have my knowledge and expertise to back them on selling any Luxury home we take on.

Sold Homes

Record Sale - Cherry Hills Village

Located in the posh neighborhood of Cherry Hills Farm Subdivision, this stud out renovation took two years and over $1m in cost. We broke the record for the highest price per above grade sqft in the neighborhood. It closed at $2.59m.

Buell Mansion - Cherry Hills Village

2.5 acres and over 15,000 sqft. This home truly had everything you needed plus room to grow. The subdivision was voted by Forbes as the # place to retire rich and business Insider magazine says its the number two wealthiest subdivision in America.